He Neglects Me Anytime We Have a Minor Quarrel or Misunderstanding

I am in a distant relationship with a man who has already proposed marriage to me. He is 35 years old and I am 29 years of age.

The problem now is that any time we have a minor quarrel or misunderstanding he is in the habit of neglecting me and refuses to call or pick my calls. Even when he does pick my call he doesn’t use the sweet names he usually addresses me with like “sweetheart,” “baby, or dearie”.

Lately we had another disagreement and he is up to his usual antics again. He has even blocked me on his Facebook.


After a long while of non-communication I was surprised he pick my call two days ago. I used the opportunity to ask him why he blocked me on his facebook and he did not have much cogent reason to give. I further asked him if he is no longer interested in the relationship and he surprisingly told me that notion was for from his mind.

Please I need your candid advise. Although I love this guy dearly, but I am fed up with his arrogance and ego. Infact it is turning me off but I am trying to restrain myself from taking a firm decision and that is why I write to seek your matured opinion.

Is there any reason for me to carry on with the relationship, because I feel it will be wiser for me to opt out now before I get hurt. I can manage to get over his love and move on with my life.

Please what do you think?

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