Can Love and Trust Truly Exist in this Relationship?

I met a young lady about three months ago who I really felt deeply for. She is two years younger than my age of twenty-seven years, and I immediately started asking her to date me. Initially she rejected my proposal saying she was already in a relationship and did not want to date two people at the same time.

Not quite long ago after my persistence in asking her out, she finally agreed to pay me a visit at my house.

On that first visit, I was surprised that she agreed to sleep with me, but after the act she demanded money from me.


The question I ask now is whether love and trust can truly exist in this relationship?

Please I need your candid opinion because as I mentioned earlier I really have deep feelings for this young lady and despite the fact that I am sensing she reciprocates my feeling I am scared of getting into a committed relationship with this young lady, who I cannot say for certain if she wont sleep with other men for money just as she did to me. What do you think?

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