Am I Wasting my Resources and Time by Taking Care of My Parents and Siblings

I am a guy of thirty years of age, and presently studying in the university.

I have a very worrisome problem bothering my mind as I write to you now.

As a student I work as well and I am responsible for the upkeep of my parents and siblings, because I came from a very humble background.

I feel I am overworking myself and trying too hard because of this responsibility. It is also the reason why I don’t have any savings and studying in the university is quite financially demanding.


I used to date a young lady who broke up with me because I refused to follow her suggestion of me renting an apartment of my own, and leave my parents house. This girl knew fully well that I was the breadwinner of my family, yet she could no longer tolerate a relationship with me.

Please I need your advise and candid opinion because I am very confused right now. Am I wasting my resources and time by taking care of my parents and siblings when I seem to be the hope of the family? Now I am not even thinking of dating any girl or getting into a relationship anymore because I don’t want to extra burden, but I know I am very eligible for marriage now, and I cannot abandon my folks now. Help me!

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