About Us

WeAgainst.com is an innovative and ground breaking platform to raise money for charitable LGBTQ+ causes that support persons living in countries where their lives may be in grave danger due to anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment.

The funds raised are used to cover such activities as:

  1. Legal fees for LGBTQ+ persons living in countries where it is illegal or banned and who are being prosecuted for identifying as (or allying with) LGBTQ+
  2. Shelter and welfare costs for LGBTQ+ persons who are forced to hide or become fugitives due to their sexual orientation.
  3. Health, treatment and therapy costs for persons who have been violently attacked for being a LGBTQ+ person.


About the Founder

I am chaddess, a 22 year old gay artist (she / her). I live in a country in Africa where LGBTQ+ is illegal and homophobic sentiment is at dangerously high levels.

For security reasons, I am therefore forced to stay anonymous.

I work with a team of 3 other LGBTQ+ persons and together we raise funds to help LGBTQ+ persons being persecuted and facing grave danger.

Because we live in Africa, our focus is mainly on African countries but as we grow, we plan to spread our activities to support LGBTQ+ persons the world over.


How to Support Our Work

Two ways to support our work:

  1. Buy our NFT artwork
  2. Donate crypto directly

Details below:


1. Buy Our LGBT and Pride-themed NFT artwork





I am a digital artist with a number of beautiful LGBTQ+ NFT collections on OpenSea. If you’re into NFTs you may buy one or more to add to your collection and support me. 70% of all NFT revenue goes to WeAgainst to fund the three activities mentioned above.


2. Donate Crypto Directly

You can donate crypto directly to:

Bitcoin:  35wMKiEo9bfL4JFJYLk9VJTPLK6emyxA2z

Ethereum (ERC 20):

BNB (BEP 20):


Contact Us

Send an email to [email protected]